July 18, 2016

"I had the occasion to use your shop to send about 30 quilts back home to Australia. The owner of the quilts requested DHL service which isn't available locally in Sisters. Both of your staff were busy when I came in but greeted me and told me they’d be right with me. They continued to do the same with each customer who came in while busy with others. Rachael helped me with my project and was professional, helpful, and solution oriented. She reorganized the boxes to help save costs. She recommended FedEx as better costs than DHL. Rachel’s work saved my organization more than $200 on a shipment that totaled $1,434.64 in shipping fees. For a tiny nonprofit that’s a big deal. I think that you are very lucky to have Rachael. Further, I know when I have more international shipping, I’ll be visiting your establishment. Sincerely, Jeanette"